The ghost bride by Yangsze Choo

The ghost bride was written by Yangsze Choo in 2013. Set in late 1800’s Malaysia, the story follows a young woman named Li Lan, who has been offered a life of security and luxury by a wealthy local family. But this security and luxury comes with a great cost: she would have to marry the family’s son and heir, who recently died, thus becoming what was known as a “ghost bride”: the bride of a ghost, or someone who was already dead. When Li Lan hesitates, she suddenly becomes swept up in the ghost world, temporarily abandoning her body and becoming trapped by her would-be fiancé in the land of the dead. The ghost bride has since been turned into a TV series on Netflix.

Yangsze Choo was born in the Philippines to a family of Malaysian descent. Her father worked as a diplomat, so the family lived in many different countries as she grew up. Yangsze graduated from Harvard University in 1995 before becoming a published author. She currently lives in the United States with her husband, but makes frequent trips back to Malaysia to visit her parents and other family members.


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